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BAINBRIDGE Black Foam Board, BAINBRIDGE Black Foam Core

This rigid, warp-resistant Black Foam Core board with its smooth black, clay coated surface is ideal for mounting photographs or art prints, screen printing or sign making.  When cut, the black foam Core board edge bounces back for a clean, sharp edge, and its resilient core resists dents.  Our Bainbridge Foam Core Board is deeply discounted at a wholesale price to meet everyone's budget.  Save even more with our extra quantity discounts!  All Foam Board sizes are in stock for immediate delivery.


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Regular Price: $68.00
Buz-Line Price: $29.99
BAINBRIDGE Repositionable Self Adhesive Foamboard, BAINBRIDGE self-adhesive foamcore, BAINBRIDGE self-adhesive foam board

Bainbridge self-adhesive foam core board is a cold mount foam board that is quick and easy to use. Just peel and stick. Initially repositionable, yet with a high tack adhesive. This Bainbridge self stick foam board makes mounting artwork a breeze and less messy without having to deal with adhesive sprays.  Bainbridge Self-Adhesive Foam core is available in white or all black.  3/16" thick.  Scroll down for sizes and price.

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Regular Price: $109.50
On Sale For: $59.60
Bienfang Graphics 360 Layout Pad

Bienfang 360 100% rag translucent marker paper does not bleed.  It retains true color and brilliance with permanent as well as watercolor markers.  Excellent for blending colors and building tones.  Graphics 360 Marker layout pads are also suitable for pencil, charcoal, pastels and pen and ink.  13.5lb weight.  Sold in 100 sheet pads.

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Regular Price: $14.06
Buz-Line Price: $11.10
BLUE HILLS STUDIO™ Survivor Tool Kit™
BLUE HILLS STUDIO™ Survivor Tool Kit™ consists of nine pieces including: hope lettering template, 3½ x 5½ survivor cutting mat, pink ribbon craft knife, 8 x 11 3-ring mesh bag, white pencil with pink ribbon, 12" ruler, pencil sharpener, latex-free eraser, pink ink gel pen, and a sheet of 8½ x 11 pink cardstock.  This limited production kit is put together to honor breast cancer awareness.  A portion of the proceeds are donated to help fight breast cancer.  Limited quantities available.
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Price: $29.99
Graphite Sheets 18 x 24
Price: $4.05
Olfa® LB-50B 18mm Silver Snap-Off Blades, 50pk

Heavy-duty, snap-off blades are designed for a wide variety of applications. The LB-50B Blades easily cuts through paper, cardboard, styrofoam, rubbers, wallpaper, photos, plastics and more. Made from high quality carbon tool steel. Eight cutting edges per blade. Heavy-duty blades featuring Olfa’s original snap-off blade design. Replacement blades for the OLL-1, OLL-2 and OLNOL-1 Heavy-Duty Cutters. Each 18mm blade comes in eight sharp, snap-off sections.  LB-50B blades on sale for $23.99

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Regular Price: $32.39
On Sale For: $24.30
Pegasus Brilliant White 130LB Cover Stock 26 x 40
Regular Price: $3.85
On Sale For: $3.49
Pegasus Midnight Black 80LB Cover Stock 26 x 40
Regular Price: $2.79
Buz-Line Price: $2.35
PRESTIGE™ Student™ Series Soft-Sided Portfolios
These multi-use and inexpensively priced cases stand up much longer to use and abuse than red fiber stock wallets. These Student Series Soft-Sided Portfolios are made of strong , weather resistant black nylon with reinforced double stitched handles, the heavy weight of textbooks, etc. is not a problem.  Full length zipper provides easy access.


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Regular Price: $10.00
Buz-Line Price: $7.99
SANFORD® Prismacolor® Premier Professional Art Pencil Sets
The traditional choice of commercial and fine artists throughout the world. Thick, soft leads made with permanent pigments are smooth, slow wearing, blendable, water-resistant and extremely light-fast. They are packaged in convenient sets of 12, 24, 48, 72, 120 or 132 assorted colors. Sets are packaged in tins for easy storage and transportation. Individual colors are available as well.

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Regular Price: $19.31
On Sale For: $16.99
Studio RTA Design Futura Tower Glass Top Drawing/Drafting Table

The Studio Design Futura Tower is a new design from the people who made the Studio RTA tables for many years.  Futura Tower Glass Top Table features an easily adjustable table height and angle, and also a top shelf with a magnetic cork board above the table for posting notes, drawings, diagrams, etc.  Studio RTA Futura Tower Table deeply discounted at a bargain price to meet anyone's budget! Features include:

  • Main Work Surface 21” x 33”
  • 6 Top Angle Adjustments from Flat to 40 Degrees
  • Four Removable Art Trays for Pens, Pencils, Brushes & Supplies
  • Extra Large 10” x 24” Pencil & Supply Drawer
  • Two Cup Holders for Water Bottles, Drinks or Supplies
  • 24" Slide Up Pencil Ledge
  • 9" x 24" Tower Shelves for Storage
  • Tempered Blue Safety Glass Top and Shelf
  • Combo Magnetic and Cork Board with 4 Magnets
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Construction for Durability
  • 4 Floor Levelers for Stability
  • Beautiful Powder Coated Steel Finish (Silver)
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Regular Price: $399.95
On Sale For: $246.99
ELMER'S (Hunt) Quick-Stick Self Adhesive Foam Board

For fast, easy, inexpensive mounting, without the mess of glues or sprays.  ELMER'S Self-Adhesive Foam Core Board has a pressure-sensitive liner that peels away from one side of the Self-Adhesive foam board surface creating a high-tack adhesive. Elmer's self-adhesive foam board is ideal for mounting photos, comps, prints, artwork, posters, layouts, etc.  Elmer's self adhesive foam board, also referred as Quick-Stick, provides a neat alternative to messy sprays, and allows for re-positioning before pressure is applied.   Elmer's Self adhesive foamboard sheets are packed with cardboard corners for extra protection. Sold at a wholesale price.

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Regular Price: $455.00
Buz-Line Price: $284.25
stratmore, strath more, strathmore 500 series,
These 100% rag, acid - free Strathmore 500 series bristol content boards are an industry standard. The plate surface is unsurpassed for detail work with technical pens, airbrush and marker. The vellum surface is ideal for light washers, acrylics, airbrush and process printing.  Size 23 x 29.  Sold in package quantity only.
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Regular Price: $112.25
Buz-Line Price: $87.99
UCHIDA Self-Healing Cutting Mat
The rubber-like surface of these cutting mats self-heals, remaining smooth even after thousands of cuts. Uchida self-healing cutting mats also feature a non-glare surface with grid lines for accurate cutting. With semi-rigid undersides, they are thick and sturdy.  

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Regular Price: $26.00
Buz-Line Price: $22.88
Marvy Uchida Le Pen Marker Set of 18 ON SALE $16.99
The Marvy Uchida Le Pen Marker pen has a smooth, sleek ink barrel that is color coded with the ink color. Microfine 0.3mm felt writing point with clik-fit caps. Pocket clip on cap. The Le Pen pen is popular for writing, scrapbooking, design, art classes, sketching and anywhere a featherlight writing or drawing marker pen is desired.  Non-toxic, smudgeproof and acid-free.  Marvy Le Pens are deeply discounted at a wholesale price at Buz-Line Art Supply.   LePens are avaialble in 18 different colors.  Do you see Marvy Le Pens for cheaper?  Let us know, and we'll sell you for less than our competitors advertised price!
 MARVY BLACK LE PENS ON SALE FOR $0.87ea or $10.39/doz. COLORS $0.94ea or $11.19/doz.  SET OF 12 ON SALE FOR $11.99  SET OF 18 ON SALE FOR $16.99  COMPLETE SET OF 24 w/ FLUORESCENTS ON SALE FOR $22.99
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Regular Price: $1.69
Buz-Line Price: $0.87
These permanent 4 in 1 PRISMACOLOR® markers feature two different style nibs that give the artist flexibility - one end has a broad (wedge) nib and the other a fine nib.  Alcohol-based permanent ink is low-odor and will not bleed.  Sanford Prismacolor double ended Markers (formerly Berol) are available in primary colors, mid-tones, grays and metallics.  Prismacolor metallic colors come in single nib markers only - fine and broad.  Prismacolor Art markers deeply discounted to meet any budget!
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Price: $155.21
3M Scotch Positionable Mounting Adhesive is a dry mount adhesive roll that requires no machines, electricity or heat.  It is ideal for heat sensitive paper.  These 3M Scotch Brand adhesive rolls allow for repositioning before permanent bonding.  For professional artists and framers.  The long-lasting adhesive will not discolor or dry out.  3M Positionable Mounting Adhesive is great for mounting art prints, RC photos, cibachrome prints, posters and maps.  Scotch Mounting adhesive rolls available in three sizes - 12", 16" and 24".  Plastic squeegee included. 
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Regular Price: $62.15
Buz-Line Price: $46.99