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BADGER Complete Crafter’ s Set
This set contains an airbrush with attachable 3/4 oz. jar, 6 ft. vinyl airhose, Propel regulator and can, 3/4 oz. jar with cover, three stencil designs, two sheets of airbrush paper, five Air-Tex colors, Air-Tex cleaner, airbrush hanger and a how-to booklet.
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BADGER Model 200 Airbrush
A single-action, internal mix airbrush that is so easy to use it is perfect for beginners, yet is designed to meet the needs of the serious hobbyist.  The Badger Model 200 Airbrush will spray paints, lacquers, glazes, etc. Depression of single-action trigger controls air flow. Simple needle adjuster controls spray pattern width. Bottom-feed makes it suitable for right- or left-handers. Designed for quick color changes from 1/4 oz. cup to 3/4 oz. or 2 oz. jars. The IL head provides a medium opening for fine detailing with lines from 1/l6" to 1-1/4".
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BADGER Model 350 Medium Line Airbrush Standard Set
Single-action, external mix airbrush that is constructed of nylon/plastic and is easy to maintain and operate. Great for the handyman, craftsman, hobbyist or do-it-yourselfer.  Air flow is controlled by depressing trigger.  Fluid cap adjustment controls spray width. Bottom-feed style will accept 3/4 oz. or 2 oz. jar or 1/4 oz. cup. Medium line head assembly (from 1/4" to 1-1/2). The Badger Airbrush Standard Set includes a 1/4 oz. color cup, one 3/4 oz. jar, one 2 oz. jar, Propel regulator, a 6 ft. air hose and a can of Propel.
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BADGER Professional Set 150-7
This professional airbrush set set includes a Badger Model 150 airbrush with a medium head assembly, attachable 3/4 oz. jar, 1/4 oz. color cup, 2 oz. jar with cover, protective cap and fine and large head assemblies and needles. Also included is an 8 ft. of braided air-hose, 1/4" pipe thread fitting, wrench for head and airbrush hanger.  Badger Professional Airbrush Set deeply discounted at Buz-Line Art Supply & www.buz-line.com.
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COPIC Airbrush System
Copic or Sketch markers can easily become an airbrush. Simply insert the broad end of the marker into the air grip and hook it up to a compressor or use a lightweight, portable air can. Changing colors is as easy as switching markers. Features variable spray pattern, no mess, and is ozone safe. Use for illustrations, scrapbooking, backgrounds, and accents.
ABS1 – An all-around set that can be used with compressed air or a compressor. Set includes air grip, ¼" to 1⁄8" air hose, air adaptor, air can holder, and AirCan 80. Air hose for compressor sold separately.
ABS2 – Popular and compact, contains only the air grip and AirCan D60
ABS3 – Professional set for use with an air compressor. Includes air grip and air adaptor.

These items can only be shipped to North America, South America and their territories with the exception of Honolulu County in Hawaii (Oahu Island).
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Price: $72.95
Paasche 2000H Single Action Hobby Kit Airbrush Set
Model: 2000H
Hobby Airbrush Kit.Give added realism to your models and craft projects with a little paint and an airbrush. Paasche introduces 5 new Hobby Kits for the amateur or professional hobbyist. Kits come complete with an airbrush, bottle assemblies, hanger, wrench, TTALB and part sheet.
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Paasche EZ-STARTER Single Action Beginners Set, ez-starter airbrush set
A beginners kit for the first time user of an airbrush. Sprays oils and water-base materials. Each set comes complete with bottle, hose and adapter.Only bottles available seperaltly, no spare parts sold for this brush.
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Price: $24.00
Paasche F-CARD Single Action Carded Airbrush Set
Model: F-CARD
Airbrush card size 1.Each Set comes complete with the following items:F Airbrush, 1 OZ. Color Bottle, HP-1/8 Inch-6 Air Hose and a V-62 Wrench
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Buz-Line Price: $49.99
Paasche H-Set
Paasche H-Set Airbrush Set. Includes One H#1L Single-Action Airbrush, size 3 & 5 spray heads, one Metal Color Cup, two Bottle Assemblies, one Bottle and Cover Assembly, two Wrenches, Hanger, one-6 Air Hose, 22 Airbrush LessonsBooklet and Parts Sheet.
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