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3M 3750 Clear Carton Sealing Packaging Tape 2" x 60yds
3M Scotch 3750 is a strong film tape that sticks instantly, sealing out dust, dirt and moisture.  Ideal for box sealing.  Rolls sold individually.  3" core.
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3M Scotch® 232 Masking Tape
A standard, natural-colored tape for general-purpose use. Available in a 3" core,  bulk only.
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Price: $8.99
3M 235 Black Photo Tape
A crepe paper tape that is conformable, hand-tearable, opaque and has low reflectivity.  Mask unwanted portions of transparencies, positives and negatives.  Also good for covering light reflecting surfaces in the studio or darkroom.  With 3" cores.
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Price: $29.69
3m double sided transfer tape
3M Scotch 465 Adhesive Transfer Tape is a film of adhesive coating on a paper liner that transfers from the liner to most smooth surfaces.  Scotch 465 tape is ideal for exhibits and displays.  Permanent,  Acrylic,2 mil clear adhesive. 3" core, 60 yd. rolls.
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3M #600 Transparent Tape
3M 600 tape is a clear, ecomonical transparent tape for general purpose use.  Non-yellowing.   Ideal for mending and holding.  The 36 yd. roll has a 1" core and 72 yd. rolls have 3" cores.
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Price: $5.95
616 tape
Block light from sensitive graphic art and printing materials with 3M 616 Lithographers Tape.  Also called Rubylith Tape.  The thin backing allows precise placement and crisp edges.  Optically transparent and photographically opaque.  616 tape is used for lithographic stripping and opaquing in the graphic arts, circuit board and printing & publishing industry. 
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3M Scotch® 665 Double Coated Tape
3M Scotch 665 transparent tape is coated with permanent adhesive on both sides.  It is linerless and easy to dispense.
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Regular Price: $10.25
Buz-Line Price: $8.99
3M #810 Magic Tape, 3M magic tape
A tape that's invisible when applied.  Scotch 810 Magic Tape can be written on, resists yellowing, cracking and moisture.  For mending, splicing, and many other permanent applications.  In 36 yd. rolls with 1" cores and 72 yd. rolls with 3" cores.
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3M Scotch® 811 Removable Magic Tape
This transparent tape can be removed as easily as it goes on and includes many of the convenient features of #810 Magic Tape.  It is ideal for taping before photocopying, leaving notes and memos, taping visual transparancies onto frames and more.  Removable long after it's been applied.  In 36 yd. rolls with 1" cores and 72 yd. rolls with 3" cores.
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Price: $5.79
3M 924 Adhesive Transfer Tape
Your best choice for neat, clean, double matting as well as any permanent mounting, splicing and holding applications: The Scotch 924 adhesive transfer tape refills by 3M is preferred by all framers. An excellent tape which bonds instantly without messy cleanup. Won't dry out or deteriorate with age. Has strong adhesion and excellent holding power. Smooth, easy-to-remove tape liner. ATG Adhesive Transfer Tapes sold in bulk rolls.
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3M Scotch® ATG Adhesive Applicator
The new, improved and easier way to apply Scotch™ Adhesive Transfer Tape precisely where you want it. Especially effective in double matting for adhering the mats and replacing the fallout. Fast, convenient, one handed trigger operation.  The ATG700 extended application roller provides greater control, makes it easy to see where tape is being applied.
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3M Scotch ATG-752 Dispener
Convenient, one-hand dispensing for a variety of holding and mounting applications.  3M Scotch ATG-752C Dispenser has an extended application roller that lets you see exactly where tape is being applied. Holds Scotch ATG 924 or 969 Adhesive Transfer Tape 1/4, 1/2 or 3/4 wide rolls and automatically removes liner.

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3M C-22 Heavy-Duty Tape Dispenser sale
The 3M C-22 heavy duty tape dispenser is made of rugged, high-impact, durable plastic and is capable of handling two 1" wide rolls or a single roll up to 2" wide. 
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3M Scotch® Deluxe Desk Dispenser
This dispenser holds tape on a 1" core up to 1500" and 3/4" wide.  One handed dispensing lets you do more at once.  Features an attached tape hub that can’t be lost.
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3M Scotch® Double Stick Tape
Linerless, self-sticking adhesive on both sides.  Use for decorating  and crafts at home or at the office.  Photo safe.
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3M Scotch® Foam Mounting Double-Sided Tape, 1/2" x 75"
Double-sided high density foam tape has a long lasting adhesive for secure bonding.
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Price: $5.99
3M Scotch® Post-It® Labeling & Cover-Up Tape 1" x 700in.
Post-It Tape #658 is self-adhesive, yet removes easily without damage to originals.  Ideal for blocking out sections of photocopies.  White.
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Acid-Free Black Masking Tape
This pH nuetral Black masking tape is ideal for use with all types of paint and is easy to apply and remove. All widths are available in 60 yard rolls.
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ALVIN Heavy-Duty Combo Tape Dispenser
A heavy-duty weighted tape dispenser of contemporary design. Made of high impact-resistant plastic. For use with tape up to ¾" wide, both in 1" and 3" core size. Available in light grey color.
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Price: $14.99
ALVIN® Artist’s Tapes
Easy-to-use, white, pressure-sensitive paper tape is ideal for masking errors and making corrections in either ink or pencil and on just about any surface including artwork, photographic negatives, drafting papers, and design boards. Removes cleanly from most surfaces. Leaves no shadow when photocopied. Bright white and pH neutral. Available in five convenient sizes. Acid-free. Supplied individually shrink-wrapped.

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