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Light Boxes

ALVIN® Multi-Purpose Lightboxes
For Table top use and made of sturdy lightweight aluminum with matte black epoxy finish.  Features dual light control for maximum efficiency, white opaque plexiglass and raised panel surfaces that elevate work for ease of access.  These light boxes feature flourescent bulbs and reflector system that ensures uniform non-glare illumination and cool operation.  All shipped WITHOUT glass.
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Regular Price: $375.00
Buz-Line Price: $195.99
ARTOGRAPH® Lightpads
Durable, attractive extruded aluminum frame has chrome steel corners and a compact 5/8" profile.  Super bright, maintenance-free LED lamps provide cool, even illumination.  Artograph Lightpad's  illuminated surface is double layered for firmness.  AC/DC adapter/100v-240v.  Includes custom protective storage sleeve.  1-year warranty.
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Price: $119.99
ARTOGRAPH® Lightracer II - Lightbox
The new affordable, Lightracer II boasts a generous 12" x 18" tracing surface illuminated by a 7500 hour 18" 15w daylight flourescent lamp (included).  Features a conveniently slanted tracing surface for comfortable drawing and embossing and a handy tray, recessed into the top of the lightbox, that's great for holding tools.  Ideal for accommodating the needs of quilters, fabric decorators, stencillers, embossers or any artist or crafter requiring a larger tracing surface.  Boxed in a handy storage carton.
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Regular Price: $114.99
Buz-Line Price: $112.69
ARTOGRAPH® Lightracer Light Box
The Artograph Lightracer is a fast and easy way to trace designs and patterns for: creative keepsaking, embossing, quilting, stencilling, sewing projects and many more art and craft uses.  This 10" x 12" Lightracer Light Box features a conveniently slanted tracing surface and a long life flourescent lamp (included).  5 year warranty.
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Regular Price: $56.99
Buz-Line Price: $55.85
Gagne Porta-Trace Light Box
The tough stainless steel frame and the thick Plexiglas top team together to provide a durable tool for years to come. Porta-Trace lightboxes provide bright even light and virtually eliminate “hot spots”. U.L. listed cord and on/off switches. All models have color corrected lamps except PT1012-1 which is designed for crafts. Whether your application calls for drawing, tracing, embossing, calligraphy, viewing or presentation this is a lot of lightbox for the money.


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Price: $109.00
Sun-Catcher Tracing Board
The Sun-Catcher Tracing Board provides for a translucent surface which can be easily back-lit for tracing and drawing.  It is equipped with a sophisticated adjusto-stand with various angle adjustments and a clip to hold artwork.  Back light may come from a variety of means: small lamp, sunlight from a window etc.  Stand color may vary.
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Regular Price: $125.99
Buz-Line Price: $103.30
TESTRITE® PC Series Lightboxes
Designed with constant illumination in mind, these 5000K color correcting light boxes offer true light viewing. All UL-listed, containing fluorescent on/off switches - no starters to contend with. Heavy-duty “Plexiglas” tops each unit which may be transformed into a cutting box by adding glass to it’s surface. (Glass will be held safely with the full length angle mounts provided on each unit.) Convenient folding handle doubles as a tilt stand. CSA approved units also available. Quality made in the U.S.A.
5000k color correct bulbs included.
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Regular Price: $522.95
Buz-Line Price: $349.99